A1 – Offshore Wind Introduction

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we are offering the course online for the time being.

This course provides a broad overview of offshore wind from a bird’s eye view.

The course provides an intensive introduction to the business aspects of market trends, players, business environment, laws and policies, and the basics of technology, such as measurement, machinery, electricity and construction, in a short period of time, which are indispensable to the business of offshore wind.
We also provide a workshop that utilizes a VR system to learn more about each component of the offshore wind turbine and learn about the hazards and the risks of offshore work.

”On-Site” is a hands-on training program that is unique to Nagasaki, which has actual sea areas.

We are planning to visit offshore wind turbines and their installation vessels, have an exchange meeting with fishermen who live in harmony with offshore wind turbines in Goto, acquire data using offshore floating observation equipment and experience ROV operation, etc.

Here’s what some of the participants from across the country saying about the General Course.

“I learned a lot from a wide range of topics and perspectives. The content of the course was well worth the fee. I would like to make the most of the knowledge I gained this time and contribute to the promotion of offshore wind in Japan through my business.”(Renewable energy developer)
“The course was one of the best online lectures I’ve ever attended, including the layout of the materials. Thank you for the careful preparation by the secretariat. It would have been even better if the references for each topic and information on the sources of the data and videos were included.”(Plant Engineering)
“I was very satisfied with the two-way chat and audio question and answer session, not just a one-way lecture, even though it was an online course.”(A renewable energy developer)
“It was easy to understand due to the use of video clips and detailed figures and tables.” (Offshore construction company)
“I think I would have found it difficult to understand the formula if it was explained in a straightforward manner, but the video and the explanation of the meaning of the equation made it okay even for humanities majors.” (Administrative employee)
“I learned a lot about the reality of seeing up closely inside the wind turbine towers and on top of the nacelles, which is difficult to access in real life by VR videos.” (A renewable Energy Developer)
“I heard that the textbook was based on the DOB Academy textbook, but it was helpful to learn the technical terms in English and Japanese both.” (Renewable Energy Developer)
“Overall, I was very satisfied with the conference as it was very rich in content and provided me with information that is not readily available from a developer’s perspective.” (A renewable energy developer)


Day 1:9am-5pm (followed by a social event in the Academy. (Drinks and light refreshments will be provided)
Day 2:9am – 4pm.
Day 3 (on-site program):Depart Nagasaki Port 07:40am, visit Goto Island, exchange views with the fisheries cooperative, etc., and arrive at Nagasaki Port 18:15 (dismissal possible in Goto City)

<Tuition Fee

Offshore Wind Introduction:Tuition Fee(PDF)≫

※Registration closes four business days prior to the first day of the course.

Date and Application

Target Participant

New graduates from all industries involved in offshore wind, those changing jobs, and those moving within the company.
Those who want to relearn and acquire systematic knowledge.


This course is designed to provide short-term, intensive training in the basic business and technical knowledge of the offshore wind industry, significantly reducing the start-up time for new personnel.


Offshore Wind Introduction course.【Online(Zoom)】
<Day 1>
9:00 30min Orientation
9:30 LE01 30min History of offshore wind
10:00 LE02 50min Electricity, Society and policy
10:50 10min Break
11:00 LE03 30min What is wind?
11:30 LE04 40min From wind to torque
12:10 60min Lunch break
13:10 LE05 55min Offshore wind in numbers
14:05 LE06 20min Power generation
14:25 10min Break
14:35 LE07 45min Offshore power networks
15:20 WS02 60min Energy yield culculation
16:20 30min
Learning offshore wind by virtual reality 3D models.
16:50 End

(※LE=Lectrure / WS=Workshop)

<Day 2>
9:00 LE08 60min Introduction to support structure design
10:00 10min Break
10:10 LE09 40min Theory of monopile
10:50 WS04 60min Simplified design of monopile support structure
11:50 70min Lunch break
13:00 LE10 60min Design and installation
14:00 10min Break
14:10 LE11 30min Operation and maintenance
14:40 20min Review of the course
15:00 End

(※LE=Lectrure / WS=Workshop)

Offshore Wind Introduction course.
<Day 1>
8:30 30min Welcome coffee
9:00 15min Orientation
9:15 LE01 30min History of Offshore Wind Energy
9:45 LE02 40min Electricity, Society and Policy
10:25 15min Break
10:40 WS01 30min Wind Turbine Competition, Part1
11:10 LE03 30min What is Wind?
11:40 WS01 20min Wind Turbine Competition, Part2
12:00 60min Lunch Break
13:00 LE04 40min From Wind to Torque
13:40 LE05 45min Offshore Wind in Numbers
14:25 15min Break
14:40 LE06 20min Introduction to Power Generation
15:00 WS02 60min Energy Yield Calculation
16:00 15min Break
16:15 LE07 45min Offshore Power Network
17:00 WS03 20min Making Generator
17:20 End(Social gathering)

(※LE=Lectrure / WS=Workshop)

<Day 2>
8:30 30min Welcome coffee
9:00 LE08 60min Introduction to Support Structure Design
10:00 15min Break
10:15 LE09 40min Theory of Monopile
10:55 WS04 50min Design of Monopile
11:45 75min Break
13:00 LE10 50min Design and Installation
13:50 WS05 60min Installing Miniture Offshore Wind Farm
14:50 15min Break
15:05 LE11 30min Operation and Maintenance
15:35 15min Review of the 2 days
15:50 End

(※LE=Lectrure / WS=Workshop)


●Offshore Wind Introduction
Second Floor, Research and Development Promotion Organization, Bunkyo Campus, Nagasaki University, 1-14 Bunkyo-machi, Nagasaki 852-8521, Japan

●On-site program
Depart Nagasaki Port 07:40am, visit Goto Island, exchange views with the fisheries cooperative, etc., and arrive at Nagasaki Port 18:15 (dismissal possible in Goto City)

Date and Application